Wednesday, 2 February 2011

It is now February

It's now February and I felt it was time to share some of my favourite blogs on my blog.  These are the blogs that I gaze at whilst I eat my lunch at my desk and look at in the evenings when there is nothing on tv.  The blogs that I ponder and work out what I want to make next and the blogs where I decide that I need to edit down all the tat I've bought in charity shops only to be inspired to hang on to it, display it and collect more.  I'm so fickle. 

So, in no particular order, here they are.  

Mackapar (below) - beautiful, cool, calm interiors and great for inspiration any time of day of night when in any mood.  And whether or not you have a flat which is yours to furnish.  Just look at the lovely pictures.
 Hilda Grahnat (above)- inspiration to keep you thrifting.  She finds the most amazing bits and bobs and then photographs them beautifully.

Krims Krams (above) - life in a snowy nordic wonderland is wunderbar.

My friend Karoline recently recommended I check out the designer Lotta Jansdotter which I did and am very interested in finding out more.  She had some pretty cool designs in the book that KK showed me.  A google later I had found out more: and then amazon led me to the book which then led me to discovering Pip Lincolne (below).

Craft blogs...swoon...  Get exploring, learn how to make things and feel inspired by other folks creativity.  Yeah.

Talking of creativity, many thanks to Paula who crocheted me a wee robot type person for my birthday.  Photo to follow.  Thanks P.

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