Friday, 11 February 2011

Grey skies. Yawn.

It's so grey out today and the last wee while it's been nothing but rain and greyness.  It was so blustery last Thursday night that our next door neighbours wall blew down.  The horror.  It's still sprawled across the pavement yet.  

I spoke with my Gran last night.  She was having an eye test for glaucoma today and they put yellow dye in her eyes so she was saying she would look a bit weird.  Furthermore, her sister was having a scan this week and has been drinking nothing but beetroot juice to keep the old blood pressure down.  I had a laugh with my Granny, imagining her yellow and her sister purple.  

A and I discovered a lovely furniture shop on Saturday, recommended by film fest Nicola. It's called Bha Bohag and I heart it.  We bought a beautiful steel fifties standing lamp and a magazine rack; I'm going to back tomorrow to have another look.  I also did the rounds of the Leith charity shops and bought lots of books.  

For blogging next week I'm going to start using my own photos.  I think I've got the hang of blogging by now to branch out and my favourite blogs have certainly inspired me.  

This week I have mainly been gazing at the fabulous mackapar blog:
and staring at this lovely dress on blog Wellies and Vogue:
this is a lovely blog with great photography and I recommend you check it out.  I found these lovely hearts here too.  How fitting for this weekend:
As usual, another favourite thing to do with a cup of tea is look at the latest posts from Krims Krams and be inspried to travel to Scandanavia again and buy lots of Scandanavian pottery on which to place breakfasts such as this (beautiful brekkie and plate):
 my last favourite of the moment is the seventy tree which is a most lovely blog that also (for the shopoholic) has a shop attached selling lovely screen prints such as these (you may notice that the bear print also appears in the mackapar image too!):
I think it was through this blog that i first saw my latest purchase:


  1. Super lovely blog you have here!