Tuesday, 1 March 2011

It is now March

Gah.  I just typed a really witty, engaging and hugely interesting blog (!) and then deleted it by accident.  How irritating.

What I was saying was that this past while I've been thinking about colours of walls and tones of wood floors.  It's T minus 7 days until A and I get the keys to the new Begg Towers.  Our very first jointly owned Begg Towers to boot.  It's 7 days until the paintathon commences to brighten up the flat, the sandathon starts to bring the floors back to life and the moveathon happens to fill the place full of our stuff.  I've already started to mentally prepare the cats for the move by explaining that although they won't get to mouth swear words to the birds that congregate on the tree just outside our current flat, they will get to run wild round the flat and have lots of new places to sniff and hide in.  They don't seem impressed.  I'm sure one of them flicked me the paw after I explained...

To avoid the stress of actually packing or arranging things, I have wrapped myself up in a world of beautiful images of interiors.  This past few days the interest has been in lamps:




Check out this beveled edge mirror collection too:


and lastly, this beautiful floor.  sigh.  





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