Wednesday, 11 January 2012 get busy

It's now 2012. 

A and I enjoyed a very lazy festive season which included obsessively watching The Killing (I and II), becoming almost fluent in Danish (almost...tak), being in the studio for Vic Galloway's Chrimbo Party on Radio Scotland, almost eating all of my Christmas Cake from my Granny before Christmas Day (tsk tsk), watching our wee dog swim for the very first time in the sea, being scared by really windy weather, eating 2kg of Quality Street, sleeping till noon (which made the holiday feel very short actually) and having central heating installed.  

We decided it was time to sort the fecking kitchen out as we'd had enough of it and it's pink and grey Miami Vice tiles.  Also, the result of having a whirring new heating system installed means our kitchen now looks derelict.  And I don't want to lose a cat down one of those gaps in the wall...

So, our new year’s resolutions are: sort out fecking kitchen - change it from this:

To something like this:

We did find a cupboard hidden behind a false wall which was exciting.  

I have also resolved to blog which more frequency as I really enjoy talking to cyberspace.  It's a bit like talking to myself which I also enjoy.  I need to get my vintage shop off the (cyber) ground, make more handmade soap and do something with all my illustrations rather than filling books full of them and stacking them up.  Here’s to an altogether more creative year this year.  Chin chin.  

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