Monday, 23 January 2012

That dog

It's now Monday evening. The weekend was spent without A who was in Glencoe filming pop stars. I had a productive weekend watching TONS of films, walking the dog & tidying up Begg Towers.

A picture of the dog was featured on the BBC Scotland website which was exciting. Wee famous pooch.

The dog was very annoying on Saturday. She decided halfway up The Crags that she would lie down & not walk anywhere so I spent ages coaxing her down the hill with treats, encouragement & patience which swiftly turned into lecturing & threats "there will be no bone for you if don't move it..." and "I'll boot you off this hill unless you move your paws..." etc etc. This then turned into begging her, followed by promises of additional treats when home. All this whilst it was getting darker & blowing a fecking gale. I was defeated by the yellow dog. She knows what she's doing.

A few pics of happier times with the dog.

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